Innovative alternatives to custom Fresco and Bas Relief
on walls and ceilings allowing for an old world aesthetic presence by applying advanced techniques and revolutionary materials.

Know About Artistically Distinct

Utilizing innovative substrates used for a variety of applications in the modeling, aerospace, architectural and design industries...we create, fabricate and install 3D relief wall and ceiling art panels. With its excellent workability, grain-free consistency, combined with it's natural resistance to atmospheric agents, most solvents and moisture, our raw material is ideal to replace wood, plaster and other existingoptionswithin the interior design industry.

Its closed cellular structure and absence of fibers result in crisp, excellently defined edges after fabrication. It is impermeable by any type of liquid, including water and solvents, making it much better suited for strict conditions or harsh marine environments than many other options.

  • Lasts Up to 10 times longer than wood and plaster without degradation.
  • Simpler and easier installation than plaster. Easily drilled, screwed or nailed without risk of splitting or cracking.
  • Will not crack, rot or peel with time.
  • Lightweight material without the need to reinforce existing conditions.

Closed Cell Structure - Won't absorb anything. Design options are limitless and unrestricted to one's imagination. From abstract designs to religious recreations, to children friendly theme reproductions and beyond. Finished panels are equally free to receive any type of coatings and finishes with paint, liquid metallic dye. (100% metal finish, not paint) faux applications and leafing (precious or not).